One platform for AI enterprise automation

Your single solution for enterprise grade AI automation. Manage and create Agents, and explore a broad range of tools to help your organization become AI native.

One Platform for AI

A space full of AI built for your team. With your data and your tools

Our platform has everything you and your team needs to get started with AI today. From simple tools to complex Agents, Beam has something for everyone no matter your department or role.

Over 200+ tools made for you

With over two hundred tools to choose from spanning every department Beam has something for everyone.

Plan and execute yourwork with AI. In Seconds.

Beam breaks down and plans tasks for you beforerecommending the right agent or tool to tackle each step.

Simple solutions to do great work. 
Accelerate your team with AI.

Beam’s platform has a massive selection of AI powered tools to help you and your team 10x productivity and cut through tedious tasks.

Built for privacy and enterprises. SOC2 ready.

Meet all your data privacy requirements from the start. Beam is hosted in the EU and GDPR compliant. ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II coming soon.

Custom LLMs for each Agent. For each unique use case.

Beam’s range of custom built Large Language Models are specially designed for each Agents unique tasks.

AI made easy

Explore the next generation of automation with tools and autonomous agents

AI Agents automate end-to-end manual tasks, so that you can focus on the work that really matters. Connect your business tools and get started with templates in minutes.

Agent templates.
Start in minutes.

Our library of Agent templates are fully customizable. Connect your integrations and start automating. It's that simple.

Plan and execute work with Beam AI

Get started with our fully customizable templates and createwhats right just for you. Easily replace text, add content.

Shared workspaces.
Bring your team.

Beam is designed for teams to work together. Easily create, share,
and benefit from AI tools together.

Stay in control. Always.

Get started with our fully customizable templates and createwhats right just for you. Easily replace text, add content.

Built for professionals

Fly through tasks with intuitive keyboardshortcuts to complete any action in seconds.

Tools and Integrations

Plug into existing processes using tools and integrations

Our platform integrates with all your favourite business tools and is designed to fit seamlessly into existing processes.

Get started and increase the productivity of your workforce by 10x

We'll connect you with a Beam expert who can share more about the product and answer any questions you have.