The API for crypto-to-fiat payments...
The API for crypto-to-fiat payments...
AI Agents

AI agents to get work done

Fully automate end-to-end tasks and boost your team's productivity. Unleash the power of AI for your team with pre-trained or custom AIĀ agents.

How AI agents help you

AI agents execute repetitive tasks on your behalf

Optimize your business with AI agents in minutes: Our platform allows you to create and launch AIĀ agents with ease.

Tailored to your business

AI agents built on your data. Secure and customizable.

Optimize your business with AI agents in minutes: Connect custom databases, upload files and integrate your core business applications.

Custom Databases

Experience the true power of your data with custom databases. Upload files or integrate with services you already use to create custom AI models.

Leverage AI Workflows

Beam offers a range of powerful AI functions to help you automate tasks, streamline operations, and drive productivity.

Generate Output

Get more done in less time while generating high-quality output. Create seamlessly, and drive tangible results.

Pre-trained agents

Set up your AI agents in minutes with easy-to-use templates

Say goodbye to complicated user interfaces with our intuitive templates. Effortlessly automate tasks by setting up pre-trained agents in a few clicks.


Integrate and leverage your favorite tools

Enhance your AIĀ agents with a wide variety of add-ons and integrations, with some of the most powerful everyday business applications.

Foundational Models

The basis for any generative AIĀ solutions


Connect various databases to your AI agents


Leverage AI-powered text-to-video conversion


Integrate any and all of your everyday tools

File Importer

Upload additional business context or data to customize your AIĀ agents, and choose from a wide range of file formats

Request a demo

Set up pre-trained agent with only one click - request a free demo today

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