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For basic agent automations


Perfect for individuals just getting started and using Beam alongside your current systems.

Start From
$49 / Month
Key Features
  • 2,000 beam tokens for automations

  • Up to 5 agents

  • 1 user

  • Foundational Models: GPT 3.5, GPT 4

    Databases: Files (DOC, PDF, XLS, CSV etc.), Audio Input

  • Standard Integrations

  • Deployment: Beam Platform

    Support: Standard


For growing teams to replace existing workflows and increase productivity of teams.

Start From
$99 / Month
Key Features
  • 4,000 beam tokens for automations

  • Up to 10 agents

  • 3 user

  • Foundational Models: Claude, Claude Instant

    Databases: Notion, Slack

  • Starter Integrations

  • Deployment: Beam Platform, via Integrations

    Support: Standard

AI agents at scale


Scale your agents and automations as your business matures and achieves growth.

Start From
$499 / Month
Key Features
  • 20,000 beam tokens for automations

  • Up to 25 agents

  • Unlimited users

    Foundational Models: 20+ models available

    Databases: API, SQL, external Pinecone

  • Starter Integrations

    Deployment: EU Hosting 🇪🇺

    Support: On Priority


Maximize your speed, and flexibility to augment your team and automate your business.

Start From
Key Features
  • Unlimited beam tokens for automations

  • Unlimited agents

  • Unlimited users

    Foundational Models: Custom Models (Open Source + Private)

    Databases: Custom Request

  • Custom Integrations

    Deployment: On Premise Available (on Request)

    Support: Custom

Custom Solutions

Custom turnkey solutions tailor made for your business.

A white glove experience to automate complex and unique workflows end to end.


We’re here to help.

Your Inquiries, Our Expertise: Clarifying the Path to Your Perfect Plan

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Can I upgrade my plan later?

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What is the Scale plan and why is it custom?

Is custom hosting available in the any plan?

What are "GPT 3.5," "GPT 4," "Claude," and "Claude Instant"?

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