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Supercharge your International Transactions with Beam's Wise Integration

Ever felt hampered by the constraints and inefficiencies of traditional banking systems while managing your business's international transactions? We at Beam have got the perfect solution for you. Introducing our latest innovation, the Wise integration, designed to foster ease, efficiency and cost-effectiveness on your global financial operations.

Eradicate High Fees and Unfavorable Exchange Rates with Wise

Frustrated with exorbitant fees and less-than-ideal exchange rates that conventional banking institutions often saddle on international transactions? On the global stage, Wise works wonders. It offers an attractive package of low fees and competitive exchange rates, ensuring your business's financial health isn't compromised, and you get more value for every dollar spent.

Empower Your Business with Multi-Currency Management

Imagine having a world-class tool in your arsenal that not just sends and receives payments, but also deftly manages funds in various currencies for you. Now, that's what Wise promises. With it, you gain access to a fantastic business account that doesn't just hold various currencies, but also allows you to manage them seamlessly.

Improve Payment Efficiency with Accounting Software Integration

Ever wasted hours reconciling your transactions? The Wise integration features a brilliant solution. It integrates with popular accounting software, making transaction reconciliation a breeze. By integrating directly with your existing financial software, Wise enables smoother operations, boosting productivity.

Streamline Your Online Business with Wise as a Payment Gateway

Do you wish for a solution that not merely streamlines the reception and sending of payments across borders, but also can be used as a payment gateway for online businesses? Your search ends with Wise. Thanks to Wise, your online business can effortlessly accept customer payments, thereby enhancing your business's reach and efficacy.

Simplify Business Transactions with Mass Payouts and Batch Payments

Substantial time savings and improved financial management – aren't these what every business owner seeks? With features like batch payments and mass payouts, Wise skilfully streamlines transactions to multiple recipients simultaneously. Now, processing payments is no longer a daunting task.

Enhance Team Collaboration through Secure Multi-User Access

Ever had concerns about security when collaborating with your team on financial matters? Wise addresses this with a smart feature. It grants multi-user access with varying permission levels, facilitating secure team collaboration while also respecting your need for control over critical financial data.

Revolutionizing the way businesses manage their financial transactions, Beam's Wise integration leverages the power of autonomous agents and generative AI agents to facilitate seamless international transactions. Whether you're delving into international business transactions, financial management or online business operations, its capabilities are hard to rival. No wonder, it's becoming the tool of choice for those who wish to benefit from AI agents in their finance and business management operations.

As you can see, with Beam and Wise, mastering multi-agent international transactions becomes significantly simpler and smoother. So, why wait? Come, harness the power of Beam’s Wise integration and conquer the global financial landscape today!

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✉️ Email


Mailchimp, a powerful integration for our autonomous AI Agents, revolutionizes email marketing by streamlining the process of connecting with subscribers. With Mailchimp, our Agents can effortlessly send personalized email messages, efficiently manage email lists, create targeted subscriber groups, and design captivating email campaigns. This integration enables our Agents to seamlessly attach files to email messages and read file attachments received, ensuring efficient communication with subscribers. By utilizing Mailchimp, our Agents can effectively streamline their workflows, engage with subscribers, and execute successful email marketing strategies.

Network Performance

Citrix ADC

Citrix ADC integration optimizes network performance by seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure, ensuring secure and efficient application delivery, load balancing, and traffic management.

💼 Management


Chargebee is an essential integration that allows businesses to efficiently manage customer subscriptions and recurring billing. With the ability to easily set up and configure pricing plans and payment gateways, businesses can effortlessly generate and send invoices to customers. Additionally, Chargebee enables the tracking and analysis of subscription metrics and revenue, providing valuable insights for growth and decision-making. This integration also simplifies the handling of customer upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations, ensuring a seamless user experience. With Chargebee, businesses can streamline their subscription management process, saving time and resources while ensuring customer satisfaction.

📆 Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar integration allows users to seamlessly create, read, update, and delete events, ensuring efficient management of schedules. Stay organized by sending notifications for upcoming events and checking the availability of other users. Collaborate effortlessly by adding attendees to events, enhancing coordination and collaboration within teams. With Google Calendar integration, simplify your workflow, optimize time management, and foster productivity.

📽 Presentations

Google Slides

Google Slides integration empowers our autonomous AI Agents to efficiently create, edit, and manage captivating presentations. With the ability to create new presentations, open existing ones, and seamlessly edit content, our Agents ensure a smooth workflow. They can effortlessly add or remove slides as needed, maintaining precision and flexibility. Collaborative features are enhanced as Agents can easily share presentations with others, promoting seamless teamwork. Furthermore, our Agents can export Google Slides presentations to various file formats, enabling convenient information sharing. Unlock the potential of autonomous AI Agents with the Google Slides integration, as they plan and execute complex workflows with human-like precision.

👤 Customer Support


Autopilot is a powerful integration that allows you to effortlessly build and automate customer journeys or workflows based on user behavior. With Autopilot, you can create personalized and automated email, SMS, or in-app messages, ensuring each interaction resonates with your customers on a deeper level. This integration also enables you to segment and target users based on their attributes, actions, or stages in the customer journey, ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time. But it doesn't stop there – Autopilot empowers you to track and analyze user engagement and conversion metrics, providing valuable insights into your campaign's effectiveness. Moreover, by capturing and syncing customer data from various sources, Autopilot enhances personalization, allowing you to create meaningful experiences for your audience. And when working collaboratively, Autopilot allows you to assign tasks and effortlessly track progress on customer journeys, enabling seamless teamwork. Elevate your workflow with Autopilot and unlock the full potential of your AI Agent's capabilities.

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