Microsoft Outlook

Automate manual workflows with AI Agents to boost productivity and let you and your team focus on the work that matters most.

Boost Your Business Efficiency with Beam’s Microsoft Outlook Integration: An AI Solution

Ever feel like your day-to-day business communication is getting the best of you? Emails piling up? Struggling to keep tabs on your to-dos? Seemingly endless contacts to manage? You're not alone. With Beam’s integration of Microsoft Outlook, your productivity challenges are about to become history.

Reinvent Emailing: Seamless Communication with Microsoft Outlook

Welcome to a transformative approach to email management. With Beam's Microsoft Outlook integration, you can send and receive emails with ease, eliminating inefficient, manual organization. Got a mountain of unread emails daunting your work spirit? Fret no more! This powerful integration provides advanced features to organize and manage your email inbox.

Organize Better with a Convenient Calendar

Having trouble juggling appointments and events? Outlook provides a user-friendly calendar format to help you schedule and manage them without bat an eyelash. This powerful tool intensifies your control over time, turning complex scheduling logistics into a cakewalk.

Streamline Contact Management

The more your business grows, the more contacts you'll need to manage, right? No worries! With Outlook, you can effortlessly create and manage contacts, without forgetting important details like names, addresses, and phone numbers. This feature can neatly integrate with AI agents, further automating your workflow.

Personalize and Stand Out: Crafting Unique Email Experiences

You might be dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of emails. Why not leave a personal touch with email signatures, out-of-office replies, and other preferences? Outlook allows you to customize these with ease. It's not just about managing emails but enhancing your email experience!

Increase Productivity with AI Task Management

Why let your brain bear the brunt of an endless to-do list? Autonomous agents, such as the generative AI agents provided by Beam, work seamlessly with the Microsoft Outlook integration to create to-do lists, manage tasks, and track your progress. Streamline your workflow like never before, and watch your productivity levels skyrocket.

Beaming Multi-Agents: The Productivity Game Changer

When Beam's multi-agents lend a helping hand to Microsoft Outlook, the magic begins. This isn’t just about leveraging AI, it's about breathing life into your workflow. Empower your routine with a system that offers optimal productivity, flexibility, and versatility. Bask in the success that awaits with Beam’s futuristic AI tool integration.

Experience Beam and Outlook: The Ultimate Business Duo

Summon the best of both worlds: Beam's advanced AI capabilities with Microsoft Outlook's robust organization and communication features. Enhance your business's productivity, organization, and overall performance. Beam's integration with Microsoft Outlook - it's the ace up your sleeve in the world of business efficiency.

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Demio integration is a powerful tool that seamlessly connects your webinar platform with other business applications, enabling you to effortlessly manage and engage with your audience. With features like automated registration, real-time analytics, and integration with marketing tools, Demio integration enhances your webinar experience and helps you achieve your business goals.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration allows users to create and manage advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform effortlessly. With this integration, targeting specific demographics, locations, and devices for ads to appear becomes a breeze. Control ad spend by easily setting bids and budgets for ads, while also monitoring and analyzing ad performance in real-time, including clicks, impressions, and conversions. Take your advertising strategy to the next level by creating ad variations, incorporating different ad copy and images. Plus, benefit from the ability to display ads across various Google platforms, including search, display, and video. Boost your business's online presence and reach your target audience effectively with the power of Google Analytics integration.



Clockify is a powerful integration for our AI Agents that helps track and manage time effortlessly. With Clockify, you can easily track time spent on different tasks and projects, ensuring effective project management. Organize time entries by project, client, or tags, enabling efficient workflow organization. Generate detailed timesheets and reports for individual or team activities, providing valuable insights for better decision-making. Set hourly rates and let Clockify calculate billable hours effortlessly, streamlining your billing process. Additionally, Clockify seamlessly integrates with other tools, allowing for seamless time tracking and management. Maximize productivity and optimize your business with Clockify, the ultimate time tracking solution.

📨 Communications

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams integration allows seamless communication and collaboration among team members in real-time. Conduct online meetings and video conferences effortlessly, ensuring effective remote collaboration. Share and collaborate on files and documents within the team, streamlining workflows. Enhance productivity by integrating with other Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, making it easier to work on and manage projects. Create, assign, and track tasks, keeping a tab on team progress. With Microsoft Teams integration, experience a comprehensive platform for streamlined teamwork and efficient task management.



AWS SES integration offers a reliable and scalable email delivery service for applications. It enables developers to send transactional emails, marketing campaigns, and automated messages with ease. With features like built-in deliverability, content filtering, and bounce handling, this integration ensures high deliverability rates and helps maintain a good sender reputation.

💼 Management


Linear integration allows users to seamlessly connect their workflows with the power of autonomous AI Agents. With Linear, users can effortlessly send and receive notifications on project updates, tasks, and comments. The integration enables automatic creation of tasks or comments based on received notifications, ensuring streamlined collaboration. Users can attach Linear tasks or projects for convenient reference and collaboration. The integration also empowers users to read, update, and complete Linear tasks or projects directly within the platform. Moreover, it offers the convenience of creating Linear tasks or projects using slash commands. With Linear integration, productivity and efficiency reach new heights, empowering users to plan and execute complex workflows with ease.

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