Automate manual workflows with AI Agents to boost productivity and let you and your team focus on the work that matters most.

Transform Your Gmail Experience with Beam's Integrative Autonomous Agents

Has managing your influx of Gmail messages become a recurring headache? Is your productivity suffering as you juggle multiple tasks on your to-do list? It's possible that you haven't yet discovered the delights of integrating your Gmail with AI-powered tools. Enter Beam's cutting-edge integration, 'Gmail,' powered by multi-agents to revolutionize your email management.

Unlock Unprecedented Efficiency with Beam's Gmail Integration

Beam's autonomous AI agents offer the power to streamline your workflow by not just managing your Gmail account, but genuinely optimizing it. Whether it's about sending and receiving emails, attaching files to messages, reading file attachments, or creating email threads—these generative AI agents are your reliable allies. The capabilities don't end there. With the ability to label emails for efficient organization, Beam's AI integration ensures seamless communication with multiple recipients.

Automate Your Outreach with Beam's AI-driven Automation

While you focus on driving your business forward, leave the grind of managing an effective outreach campaign to Beam's AI system. Armed with an in-built capacity to send timely updates or newsletters through Gmail, our AI Agents help make your outreach efforts cascade seamlessly into the inboxes of your customers or team. This integration turns your everyday business Gmailling into a hassle-free, efficient experience, thereby letting you concentrate on what truly matters—the growth of your business.

Harness the Power of Beam's AI-Infused Gmail Integration

Without a doubt, Beam's 'Gmail' integration is much more than a regular tool. It's the transformation your email management needs. As it integrates with Gmail, it causes an instant productivity spike, while also doing away with common challenges faced by businesses. Allowing your emails to be effectively managed by our AI agents ensures that no important communication falls through the cracks, and your relationships, whether with customers or employees, stay nurtured and intact.

Embrace a New Wave of Productivity with Beam’s Gmail Integration

Beam's Gmail integration is not just about managing tasks—it's about doing it smartly. By enabling autonomous agents to match pace with your rapidly evolving business world, Beam offers you more than a solution—it gives you an edge. So why stick with manual, monotonous email management when Beam’s AI-driven automation is here to ease your challenges? Harness the power of our Gmail integration and supercharge your productivity, today!

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📨 Communications


Slack integration allows seamless communication and collaboration within our autonomous AI Agents platform. With this integration, users can easily send, receive, and read messages on Slack, ensuring smooth information flow. It also enables attaching files to Slack messages, along with the ability to read file attachments received. Additionally, users can create group chats and channels to foster effective team collaboration. Stay updated and informed by effortlessly sending updates on channels. With Slack integration, boost productivity and streamline workflows effortlessly.

💼 Management

Google Workspace Admin

The Google Workspace Admin integration empowers organizations to effectively manage user accounts, permissions, and email configurations within their domain. With this integration, you can effortlessly control access, security settings, and storage usage for G Suite applications. Additionally, it facilitates the troubleshooting and resolution of any issues related to G Suite services, ensuring seamless operations. Unlock the power of streamlined administration and enhance productivity with the Google Workspace Admin integration.

✉️ Email

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful integration that allows you to seamlessly send and receive emails, while also providing advanced features to organize and manage your email inbox. With Outlook, you can effortlessly schedule and manage appointments, meetings, and events in a convenient calendar format. Easily create and manage contacts, including important details like names, addresses, and phone numbers. Customize your email experience by setting up email signatures, out-of-office replies, and other email preferences. Stay on top of your tasks and increase productivity with the task management feature, enabling you to create to-do lists and track progress on tasks. With Outlook integration, you can streamline your workflow and optimize your productivity, making it an invaluable tool for all your business needs.

💻 Development


Baserow integration offers the ability to easily create and manage relational databases for organizing structured data. With custom fields and data types, it can perfectly match specific requirements. Importing and exporting data in various formats like CSV and JSON allows for seamless data transfer. The flexibility to build and customize views provides interactive data visualization. Collaborate effortlessly by sharing and granting access to databases, enhancing team collaboration. Additionally, automations and triggers based on changes or events in the database can be easily set up. Baserow empowers efficient and streamlined workflows for seamless data management in the world of autonomous AI Agents.

🏷 Sales


Pipedrive is an essential integration for businesses wanting to streamline their sales processes. With the power to manage and track sales activities and deals, organize contact information, and store communication history, Pipedrive ensures that no opportunities slip through the cracks. This integration takes it a step further by generating in-depth sales reports and analytics, offering valuable insights to fuel strategic decision-making. By automating sales processes and workflows, Pipedrive saves time and increases efficiency. Moreover, its seamless integration with other tools and software ensures a smooth and constant flow of data, leaving no room for errors or delays. Discover the transformative power of Pipedrive and unlock the potential for increased sales productivity and growth.



Wise integration offers a comprehensive solution for international payments and fund management. With low fees and favorable exchange rates, it enables seamless sending and receiving of international payments. It also allows businesses to hold and manage funds in multiple currencies, providing a business account with a debit card for spending and ATM withdrawals. Integrated with accounting software, Wise simplifies transaction reconciliation. Moreover, it acts as a payment gateway for online businesses to effortlessly accept customer payments. With features like batch payments and mass payouts, Wise streamlines transactions to multiple recipients simultaneously. Offering multi-user access with varying permission levels, it ensures secure team collaboration.

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