Automate manual workflows with AI Agents to boost productivity and let you and your team focus on the work that matters most.

Unlock Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency with Beam's Box Integration

We are living in an era where sharing, storing, and managing files remotely is a necessity. Are you in constant battle with unending documents, scattered feedback or security concerns over your file-sharing? At Beam, we're excited to introduce you an innovative solution – our latest integration, Box.

Seamless File Management with Autonomous AI Agents

One of the paramount challenges we confront today is effectively managing the sheer volume of information swirling around us. With the integration of Box, handling an avalanche of files has become a breeze for our generative AI agents. Our smart AI agents automate the process of organizing and storing your important files in the cloud, ensuring a clutter-free workspace. Imagine having an invisible assistant that tidies up and keeps everything in perfect order – that's the power our multi-agents bring with the impactful integration of Box.

Effortless Collaboration; Amplified Productivity

The backbone of any successful project is efficient communication and collaboration. Beam's Box integration allows you to share vital files with team members, clients, or partners securely and instantaneously. Don’t have time for a meeting to discuss a document? Through our platform, you can provide comments and feedback directly on the documents, bringing the meeting to you. The beauty of technology is making everything simpler and streamlined – and our AI-powered Box integration does just that.

Heightened Control; Uncompromised Security

Struggling with the ever-changing versions of shared documents? Beam's Box integration puts you back firmly in the driver’s seat. You can carefully manage file versions and revisions, ensuring the most updated and accurate information is always at your fingertips. Besides, we know how paramount your files' security is. Therefore, we've integrated features like password protection, expiration dates, and restricted access into the Box integration. Trust in us to revolutionize your document management and security.

Integration with Productivity Tools – Creating an Ecosystem of Efficiency

At Beam, we understand the necessity of cohesive workflows. Thus, Box doesn't just house your files – it also seamlessly integrates with your essential productivity tools to create a symbiotic work environment. The result? Significantly reduced time expenditure and a sharp increase in efficiency. That’s what our AI solution delivers: A powerful tool that effortlessly unifies all your work elements under one umbrella.

Embrace the Future of Work with Beam's Box Integration

In the world of digital workspaces, the Box integration is the ace up our sleeve. It drives and simplifies your interactions with important documents through a secure, collaborative platform. Beam’s Box integration, powered by our autonomous AI agents, allows you to rise to the challenges of the digital age, equipping you with superlative control, heightened security, and a streamlined workflow. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you step into the future of work.

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AWS SQS Integration enables seamless communication between applications and AWS Simple Queue Service. It provides a reliable, scalable, and fully managed messaging service that decouples the components of a distributed system. With this integration, developers can easily build scalable and fault-tolerant systems by decoupling the sending and receiving of messages, ensuring reliable and asynchronous communication.

📨 Communications

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams integration allows seamless communication and collaboration among team members in real-time. Conduct online meetings and video conferences effortlessly, ensuring effective remote collaboration. Share and collaborate on files and documents within the team, streamlining workflows. Enhance productivity by integrating with other Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, making it easier to work on and manage projects. Create, assign, and track tasks, keeping a tab on team progress. With Microsoft Teams integration, experience a comprehensive platform for streamlined teamwork and efficient task management.



With the HubSpot integration, you can seamlessly connect your AI Agents with one of the most robust customer relationship management platforms available. Send and receive messages, attach files, and effortlessly manage contacts, deals, and tasks all within the HubSpot ecosystem. This integration also allows you to sync data between HubSpot and other platforms or tools, ensuring that your workflows are streamlined and efficient. Unlock the full potential of your autonomous AI Agents with the power of HubSpot integration.

📬 Goal Tracking


Beeminder integration empowers users to set and track personal goals with precision and accountability. By defining specific targets and deadlines, users can automatically track progress through integrations with various apps and services. With reminders and notifications, staying on track becomes effortless. Engage in goal-related challenges and competitions with friends or colleagues. The integration offers visual charts and reports to meticulously monitor and analyze progress. Start achieving your goals efficiently and effectively with Beeminder integration.

💼 Management


The DHL integration empowers our AI Agents to efficiently schedule and manage package pickups and deliveries, offering convenience and reliable service to our clients. With real-time tracking, it allows us to monitor the status and location of packages seamlessly. Through its shipping rate calculation and label generation capabilities, we streamline logistical processes. The integration further simplifies the complexities of customs documentation and fulfills international shipping requirements effortlessly. Ensuring transparency and exceptional customer service, it enables us to provide shipment notifications and delivery updates to our clients promptly. Additionally, our AI Agents can effortlessly manage returns and handle customer inquiries related to their shipments, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

📄 Document Processing

Google Docs

Google Docs integration allows users to seamlessly create and edit documents within our AI platform. With this integration, you can effortlessly create new Google Docs documents or open and edit existing ones directly from our platform. Collaborate with team members in real-time, as the integration enables seamless sharing and collaboration on Google Docs documents. Monitor and track changes made through the view revision history feature and export your Google Docs documents to different file formats as needed. Simplify your workflow and enhance productivity with the powerful features offered by our Google Docs integration.

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