Make your team 2x more productive with AI agents

By automating end-to-end workflows, AI agents help employees work more efficiently and free up time for more impactful, strategic or creative work.

Import files, and train on your own data

Customize your coach’s responses, through training on your own data, to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Virtual knowledge agentavailable 24/7

Create a 24/7 AI virtual assistant for your employees, for them to have a personalized support system, anytime, anywhere.

Optimize your team’s work life and impact

Create custom AI agents for different departments to facilitate and optimize employee's daily worl.


Import files and use integrations to build workflows on your own data

Our technology help you to reach more people, create better content faster and updated it with ease. Talk to use to explore potential for future collaboration.

Made for A Variety Of Use Cases
Training Courses
Productivity Trainings
Conflict Resolution
Project Management

Use workflow templates to facilitate work in seconds

Our range of templates can be tailored to fit your department's training goals, content, and requirements, helping your employees to work more efficiently


Reduce production time and cost while increasing employee productivity

Achieve much more with less time and resources by empowering your employees through virtual subject-matter experts, and through creating or adapting content with ease.


Improve employee productivity

Supercharge the productivity of your team by providing them with quality trainings and mentors 24/7.


Decrease in production time

Create high quality trainings instantly and avoid the long production timelines. As they rightly say “Time is money”


Reduction in lifetime cost

Create or Update your content whenever you want and regenerate the entire course with a single click.

Knowledge Agent

Answer all your team’s questions efficiently and economically

Introduce an AI-powered Knowledge Agent as your team's new 24/7 virtual assistant that has the answers to any and all questions that come up in their day-to-day.

More Features

Features and content built to facilitate your work

Our AI-powered knowledge agents are equipped with an array of different features, to make your team more productive and efficient.

Create content with your knowledge agent

Get started with our fully customizable templates and create whats right just for you. Easily replace text, add content or use your own custom avatars.

Linked to your knowledge or local content

Link AI knowledge agents with your own knowledge and content, allowing for a tailored and effective learning experience.

AI App

Creation with intelligent shortcuts and commands in natural language

Our K bar offers intelligent shortcuts to help you create faster. Optimise workflows and quickly access tools and resources for efficient work.

Multi-format. Multi-language.

Create content in various formats and languages, and make it accessible to a global audience.

Integrate easily

With Beam, you can integrate your AI agents with renowned models hassle free, allowing for a seamless user experience.

Create your AI agents today!

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